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High Speed InternetIt's very confusing when internet access providers indicate that they are providing high speed internet services in your area, only to offer you a lower speed product when you enter your zip code. Availability of products and speeds advertised is not always as high as you think.

Whilst the government makes plans on how to attribute space, time, funds and permissions to each of the companies looking to serve you, many are taking it upon themselves to upgrade the lines to your home - although they seem to be making more effort with wireless and mobile broadband. Following the trend or creating it?

Fiber optics is the next generation of speed but always pay attention to whether the company touting its products is actually offering you fiber optics to your door, or simply to your local telephone exchange box. As the speed differences can be large. Till now, Verizon advertising states that it is the only provider of to-the-home fiber optic internet services.

Why not see what's available just now in your area using our zip/address checker? It shows the providers listed for all cities including New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, Philadelphia, Phoenix, San Antonio, San Diego, Dallas and San Jose.

High speed internet access adverts always show really high figures. But with most of us using WiFi connections through routers in our home, you could be paying for more broadband speed than you could ever actually use.

Broadband News

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