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32% of Americans Tapping in to their Neighbours Unlocked Wifi?: [3rd Feb 2011]

A recent poll conducted by Wakefield Research has discovered that 32% of Americans admit to tapping into a wi-fi network which is not theirs. This is an increase from the 18% from a 2008 poll. 40% also said that they wold be more likely to trust someone with their house key than with their wi-fi connection password. One quarter even felt that sharing their wi-fi was more personal than sharing a toothbrush. It seems from the research that many people do not understand how to lock their wi-fi network, leaving them open to hackers. The researchers have pointed out that consumers can take the steps to protect their network but fail to do so. It is also pointed out that it is possible to be hacked when using any public wi-fi connection; a fact which is not widely known.

It has emerged that Verizon have been hoping to have the same panel of judges as those used last year by Comcast in their battle against the FCC. Verizon are about to go to court against the FCC and their net neutrality rules. The judges they were hoping to have had agreed that Comcast could not be sanctioned by the FCC for throttling BitTorrent traffic. So far the Appeals Court has not agreed to hear the case. Verizon have said that they are concerned about the FCC taking over the authority for the regulation of broadband networks and the Internet. They believe it should be free to all. It was also pointed out that the neutrality rules fail to address wireless networks.

A report on the Verizon website has shown that the company is introducing a new throttling system. The memo points out that those people who use huge amounts of data and fall into the top 5% of users may have their speeds restricted at certain times of their billing cycle. This is to ensure that every user receives the best quality performance. They describe this as being proactive and looking after 95% of their customers in the best way they can. The actual amount of data which needs to be consumed to put someone into the top 5% has not been made clear. It has been suggested by experts that Verizon may be paving the way for their new iPhone customers to get the best possible service.

Verizon has finally released their version of the iPhone4 on their own network. Customers were able to pre-order the phone online only. It will be available in stores from next week. It has been revealed that both AT&T and Verizon offer similar pricing structures for their call plans. The prices are between $40 and $70 for voice plans. Those who use their mobile for surfing the Internet, Verizon is considered the best at $30 for an unlimited plan which compares to AT&T which offers just 2GB for $25.

T-Mobile has won the JD Power award for best customer service. The carrier received a score of 758, while AT&T came in last place with a dismal score of just 729. Sprint scraped in with 731 and Verizon caught the middle ground with 743. It was found that most people want to speak to a live person rather than an automated system. It has been suggested that as companies move to more web-based processes, the perceived customer service quality could fall.

A new survey has discovered that more than half of US teachers are using digital media in the classroom but 75% of these had said that they sometimes experienced problems with their connection. Just 4% of those questioned said that they only rarely had problems. The most common problem was with streaming of video content. 68% of teachers said that video stimulated discussion, 66% said that it increased student motivation and 62% said that it led to more effective teaching. In addition 61% felt that student prefer it and 55% of teachers felt that the technology allowed them to be more creative. The teachers questioned taught K-12 and pre-K age groups. The FCC have said that they have made boosting broadband in schools a priority.

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